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SinoConnexion's print and publishing services offers international standard design and editorial work in print, for public consumption or internal and corporate use. Common applications include multi-lingual company brochures, restaurant menus and magazines. SinoConnexion is also the majority owner and operator of the entities collectively known as Nanjing Expat. One such entity, The Nanjinger is Nanjing's high quality monthly English magazine, while City Guide is a handy handbag sized guide to Nanjing that is published annually.

SinoConnexion 的印刷和出版服务,为大众以及企业交流提供国际标准编辑和设计。通常的产品种类包括多种语言的公司宣传册、饭店菜单以及杂志。 SinoConnexion是“南京外国人”这一品牌的主要股东。此品牌下的“南京人”杂志是南京高品质的英文月刊。“南京城市导向”口袋大小、携带便利,每年出版一次。
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