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SinoConnexion has a long history of producing and designing websites, email newsletters and other internet media solutions. While some websites can be expressive artistic creations, many of our projects have called for very precise website design characteristics, in line with other Corporate Identity (CI) documents such as brochures or other websites. SinoConnexion is also the majority owner and operator of the two most popular English websites in Nanjing; Nanjing Expat and Hello Nanjing.

SinoConnexion(南京贺福文化传媒)有着一队经验丰富的制作团队:-生产及设计具有电子邮件通讯和其他互联网媒体解决方案的网站。许多网站是表达艺术的创作,而我们的许多项目要求非常的精确的市场定位我们还制作宣传册全套企业标识。SinoConnexion(南京贺福文化传媒)同时是在南京最流行的两个英语网站的拥有者及经营者;Nanjing Expat & Hello Nanjing。
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