CCGrass placed great emphasis on seeking out a video producer who could create materials that would withstand the media savvy audience of places such as the UK. As producer of the artificial turf utilized by the 2012 UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea FC, Britain has become a major market for CCGrass who wanted to make extensive use of interview footage from both staff and customers that give credibility to the artificial turf producer.
江苏共创非常重视寻找一个能经得起像英国人那样精明的媒体观众挑剔的视频制作公司,曾为 2012年欧洲冠军联赛的冠军——切尔西足球俱乐部提供人造草皮,而英国也越来越成为江苏共创的主要市场。江苏共创深知生产商的信誉来自员工和客户,所以希望这些采访片段能得到充分的利用和优良的的后期编辑。
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